Brand & Board Concepts

Copyright Statement:

All of the brand names and concepts were developed by me.

These are actual brands that I am working on and are not to be used, copied, repurposed, or distributed.

Once the brands are in production, they will be Trademarked.

Don’t Be A Jackass Statement:

This is my idea incubator and NOT a free source site.

What does that mean? Come up with your own ideas.

I utilized Mid-Journey (paid version) to help illustrate some of the brand and board artwork.

Other artwork was created by Noel Henneman for me and it is copyrighted.


Golden Goddess Gear

Talasmann Surfboards

Vamp Surf & Boards (V)

Lords of Dume

Dume Dogs Snowboards

DumeWard Dog Dynamics and Wellness

Pack Mama Surf & Gear

Good Egg Gear

Kelpie Kulture

Copyright Nicole Anstedt