Have you ever read a novel or series and wished that the people and places were real?

From waves to words, Nicole Anstedt is a creative powerhouse and conceptual visionary.

Some of her favorite things are the smell of rain storms in the high deserts of Northern Nevada, seeing orcas in the San Juans, traveling the PCH through the lush green mountains of Laguna up through Santa Barbara, sipping cocoa at a surf cafe in Portland, thrifting in Coronado, and taking in the surf at La Jolla or Mission Beach. 

She also loves being cosmic mermama to her little one.

Born in Nevada and raised in a military family, Nicole’s “home” is the West Coast. Having spent part of her childhood on Whidbey Island, she has always been drawn to the magic and mystery of the ocean. 

Nicole studied environmental policy and journalism at Fairhaven College in Bellingham and was an activist for many years. She currently serves as an Executive Committee Member for Surfrider and is committed to promoting ocean conservation and ecology through a surf lens. 

Nicole is also a member of Mensa and has a wide range of interests that include fashion, the look and feel of quality cotton, design, trail running, snowboarding, music, sailing, horseback riding, travel, and lifestyle journalism.

Her “Flowosophy” is deeply rooted in the Consciousness of California Chill, and she embodies the surf life ethos of healthy living, natural beauty, fitness, and sustainability.

Nicole’s writing is as diverse as her interests. With a focus on speculative fiction and mythology, she creates stories full of vampires, werewolves, mermaids, ghosts, goddesses, and witches.

Some of her titles include Witch of Whidbey, NVVN, Blood Moon Surf, Valley V, Muddlewort & Fizz, and more. 

She also writes book reviews as the lead witch at Baba Yaga’s Book Club.

Blood Moon Books, her publishing imprint/bookstore, shares a name with her surf shop and the book series. While Blood Moon Lagoon and Moontide Magick help bring the lore and mystery of her stories to life.

Her love for surf, skate, and snowboard culture shines through in her creative work and lifestyle. She especially loves the classic California surf culture of the 1930s-1990s.

Having pivoted her background in Human Resources and Executive Services to Strategic Communications, Brand Development, and Marketing Strategy, Nicole is passionate about inspiring others to find their True West and ride the crest away from the rest.

As the creator and purveyor of stoke behind a number of lifestyle brands such as Howlie Boards, Good Surf, West Coast Sosh, Mermama, Battle Born Skate, Off the Hill, Snow Pack, and Blood Moon Surf, among others, Nicole weaves together her stories and brands to create a unique West Coast vibe—with a bite.


These products and designs are currently still being incubated. All designs and concepts are mine. More to come…